Friday, March 8, 2013

1.01 - Not According to Plan

A note to start off this legacy: Fuck woo-hooer. Seriously. Just... fuck it. (I have replaced safe woo-hoo with risky at 10%)

It had been no small task for Alexis Love to leave her hometown of Avalon for the peaceful Monte Vista. She was the youngest daughter of five, always the baby, but the first to leave home. There was no future for her as a witch, but in the mortal world... well,  her options were limitless!

Sure, she didn’t have much money on hand, and the only place she could afford to rent was not at all her taste, but who cares? 

Its new, and it has a pool. Thats all she really needs.

She also needs a job, but that was handled on her first day in town. As soon as she opened the newspaper, the opening at the local police department popped out at her. It must’ve been a sign so she did as it said and went to apply in person.

Alexis can tell the human isn’t too impressed, but upon finding out Alexis is a witch she decides to give her a chance. “Your shift as a snitch starts tomorrow morning at 9. Don’t be late, and we’ll see if a more permanent place for you becomes available.”

Back home, Alexis was the only child in her family to ever make use of the TV. She was certainly no couch potato, but all that television had left a lasting impression on her. She’d already decided that she had to become a super special Secret Agent now. A Super Spy, if you will. Her magic skills were nothing to brag about, but she’d need every advantage she could get. 

Her mother had very specifically told her not to bother returning home if she was set on turning her back to her heritage. So really, becoming a super spy was her only option right now.

Alexis wasn’t the only witch to have left her home. Her neighbor and land lady was another witch by the name of Amaya Leone. She’d left home at an even younger age than Alexis had, and her life seemed to be going well.

“How’d you do it? I mean, you’re making the normal life stuff look so easy!” 

A husband, a beautiful daughter, ownership of a few homes. She could have that someday, couldn’t she?

Amaya attributed all her success to the support of her loving husband, and good friends. And, of course, luck.

Hassim Leone, Amaya’s husband is a real sweetheart, but Alexis can instantly see past the glamour and marks him as a genie. Is his relationship with Amaya less a loving marriage and more a magical contract? Whatever the matter, it isn’t a place Alexis wants to butt her nose into, but she might have to trust Amaya less than she originally thought.

Life is lonely, she muses once she’s home alone. But one day she’ll have a life like Amaya’s, but without the magically contracted husband. Her husband will be a true hero, her children will be perfect in every way, and she’ll be filthy friggin rich. One day.

Work is dull and ends early, leaving Alexis with plenty of time to explore the town and the local bars. 

One in particular catches her eye, mostly because of the totally adorable bartender.

Alright, Lex. You can do this. Sweep him off his feet. You can do it! You’re gorgeous!

Alexis barely has to open her mouth before Vaughan starts showing off his best moves, obviously trying to impress her.

The drinks themselves weren’t too shabby either. She might end up liking this guy. 

Unfortunately when she tries to hint at them spending some more time together, he smiles and leads her upstairs to the domino table. It wouldn’t be so bad if she could at least flirt freely with him, but the police chief notices her from across the room and decides to join into the game. What a woo-hoo block.

The next bar Alexis tries has far more promising results. This time the bartender is attractive in a different way, and her fairy wings put Alex in a trance. 

“What’ll you have, darling?” The girl asks, looking Alexis up and down with a smile. 

Alexis spills the results of her last bar crawl, and how she wished it would’ve ended. How she left her home too young, and how she’s worried about bills and how she’ll never find a good husband, and how work sucks, and how she really wishes she could just relax and have some adult fun without having to worry about emotions.

“I can’t really help with your bills or finding a husband, but if you’re looking for some no-strings-attached fun... I’m leaving town in the morning.”

Alexis is in her arms almost immediately. There weren’t many boys in Avalon, and her first two lovers were both girls. She’s fairly certain she’s into men more than women, but girls are definitely a turn on as well.

The photo booth was the closest secluded place they could find. Alexis hasn’t realized the booth was turned on when they entered. 

The photos are NOT PG friendly.

Alexis doesn’t need to be a genius to know that if these photos got out, her career would be ruined. Even cops have a code of ethics they need to stick to, and public woo-hoo is probably against that code. 

She gets rid of the evidence promptly. 

The hangover is less easy to get rid of.

At least, she hopes the nausea is from a hangover. The other option she can think of isn’t one she wants to consider. 

It isn’t unheard of for witches to be able to conceive from another woman, a part of their magical and matriarchal heritage. But already? After one woo-hoo? With a fairy whose name she can’t even remember?

Apparently yes.


Okay. SO. This is Alexis Love. My new founder. She's a witch, from Avalon (just like Markus!), and woo-hooer totally ate my plot line and popped out a new one.

This chapter was supposed to go on past Alex's leisure day party (pushed to the next chapter). Vaughan was supposed to show up and he was supposed to ask her out, only to be shot down. Alexis was supposed to be at level five of her career before getting pregnant.

Instead risky hit me on her first time. 

Yeah, I'm not turning it off. This should be good. 



    Haha, I always wanted to be the douche who says that. *checks off achievement list*

    Anyway, nice pool. Grown-up Alex is much cuter than the child version of her. Also, looks like someone got rule 63'd. Heh. I've done that to a few characters...

    1. You're not a douche! I've always wanted someone to go "first!" on me. : P

      By rule 63 do you mean the blue fairy? That isn't Cloud. That bartender actually came with Monte Vista and might have been one of the sims Bakafox made for me... (I really should've made a note of what she made for me, and what actually came with Monte Vista -_-)

  2. Witch Snitch...we all have to start somewhere!

    1. Yes we do! And hey, a snitch isn't the worst way to start... you could be a test subject!

  3. Alex has a "Sari" look to her, if that makes sense. I like her so far. :)

    1. That would be because Alex is a clone of Iris Sari.

  4. Yaaayy :)
    I'm kinda happy you started a new one, I was never going to get round to catching up to the last one, and I just had to try and work out what had happened in the past (I don't mean I'm glad the save died, I mean... You know what I mean.).

    Alexis is cute :) Don't you love it when EA throws stuff at you? Haha, can't wait to see this baby!
    I've not done a photobooth woo-hoo yet. I love her face when she sees and hides the pictures! Lol :p

    1. Alex makes the best facial expressions. I'm really in love with her. <3

      I'm kinda nervous to see this kid. But if s/he is blue or a fairy, they'll be out of the running for being the heir. I want a "normal" looking heir with a regular life span.

  5. Glad to start reading from the start, it makes it so much easier to follow. :)

    She's a fascinating girl, can't wait to see what fun she gets up to.

    1. I think having a fresh start was a good idea for me. As much as I loved my old family and their history, having a fresh start lets me ret-con all the fuck ups I made.

      Maybe this time the lore will actually make sense! (Not likely...)

  6. Yay for a new blog! Alexis is so pretty! Can't wait to see how she handles the curveball she was just thrown.

    1. Forget how she'll handle it. What about ME? My whole plot line is out the window!

      Ugh... well, at least she wont have to hire babysitters once the other kids come around. -_-

  7. Congrats on the new legacy, though I'm sorry you old one died.
    Great start. =D

  8. So sad to see the Saris go but luckily we have a new one to keep up with!

    1. I'm sad to see them go too, but I really like Alexis, so this is making it much easier.

  9. Yay for a new Cece story :)

    Alexis is great fun as a founder and I can't wait to see what you do with the twist woohooer has given you!

  10. Man! I failed miserably at reading your previous legacies - one day I'll get all caught up! But I'm glad to be able to start from the beginning with this one. Great start!

  11. Yay! Another legacy to read :D I love risky Woohoo... Can't wait to see how you handle this!

  12. Luckily, I've come back at the start of your new legacy. I can't wait to see what you have in store for will probably make me sad though. Lol.